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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So how did the ghost hunt with the girlscouts go? Actually, surprisingly well. I had not expected much to happen with such a large group (about 30 people all together), but I had some very intersting EMF readings, particularly in the 18th century part of the basement when I asked if any spirits wanted to make their presence known and as if in direct response my Trifield meter spiked. There was also what clearly sounded like a deep sigh from a man, and the two men present at the time hadn't made a sound.

Pictured here is the merit badge that was given to all the brave girls who attended. Considering we were all in the dark in a 200-year-old haunted house with strange things going on, and not one girl left (there was some screaming, but no one chickened out), I think they all earned this patch.

I will be returning this winter to conduct a more controlled investigation, perhaps spending the night. I will, of course, keep you posted. I have reviewed the digital photos and didn't see anything unusual, but I have yet to review all of the infrared video, for which I have to thank my volunteer cameraman, John. I also I have to thank Claude Horstmann, president of the Cornerstone Masonic Historical Society, who has led the crusade to preserve the building and create a museum.

And to the Monroe troops #524, 489 and 169, thanks for a very interesting evening, and happy ghost hunting!

(The foyer of McGarrah's Inn with some of our group the night of December 29, 2005.)


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