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Monday, June 16, 2008

Suicide House

In Ghost Investigator Volume 7 I wrote about a house where a man committed suicide, and I had some very unpleasant experiences (to put it mildly). One of this man's favorite spots to sit, when he was alive, was on a kitchen counter during family dinners on Sundays. I had set up a Tri-field meter on the counter on that spot, and aimed an infrared camcorder at it, and then left the room. When reviewing the tape later, I could hear the Tri-field going off, then a black spot raced across the field of view, from left to right just on the top edge of the bright area of light. The homeowners assured us that there were no bats or very large flying insects in the house and no windows were open, so what could it have been? (Winged insects and moths always show up a very bright white in infrared. This is the first time a moving spot has appeared so black.) Activity has picked up in this house recently--in the form of yet another different apparition--so stay tuned for a possible return investigation.


Blogger lou said...

He did not sit on the kitchen counter, he would stand in that corner and lean against the counter.

11:27 AM  
Blogger lou said...

maybe you could share about your experience when you sat on the suicide spot.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

The suicide spot sounds very freaky. Maybe I am still new to this. I didn't get excited about searching for more ghost stories until after I read Their Way Home, written by a real ghost guide named Melissa Van Rossum. I read how she experienced ghosts who were remaining in houses do to the fact that they were discontented and could not move on. She also explained how she helped them move on. I was amazed. I'm thinking the same theory would apply with even suicide ghosts.

10:23 PM  
Blogger reetajenet said...

I am 22 year old, from NY, USA. I would consider myself a very reasonable person. I am not very spiritual, or anything. Although I was brought up by very religious parents. As far as the paranormal is concerned, I used to be a skeptic. I have never believed in ghosts, UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot etc… that was until several events that occurred starting when I was 16. I was a high school student. I lived in a small town called Middletown. At the time, the house that I lived in was known to be haunted, that is by everyone except my family. It was known that a old woman committed suicide in this house, and several people had claimed to see a ghost of such a women, who could be seen peering out of the window late at night. The very thought of this sent chills down the spine of anyone who walked past our residence at night. Of course my family did not believe in such stories, which is one of the reasons why we decided to move into this house, which was sold at a very cheap price. While we had remained skeptical of any paranormal happenings at our home, we had witnessed several unexplained occurrences which we had ignored. In one event I had gotten home late, and noticed a shadowy figure at the top of the stairwell, which I thought to be my sister, although the figure had been wearing an old fashioned nightgown. This would have struck me as odd but I was mostly angry about my sister ignoring me when I called out to her. I was slightly shocked several hours later, when my sister arrived home, she made it clear that she had been out the whole night when I asked her about this. This was one of many events that took place regularly, also we had heard odd noises coming from the attic, which sounded like someone walking several paces, and the distinct sound of someone opening a window. When someone decided to investigate there was no one in the attic and the window was found to be locked shut. After several years living in this house, we had grown used to these happenings and may have even questioned our disbelief of the ghost stories involving our house. Until suddenly these strange occurrences had stopped altogether. This was until about one year later when these events started happening again. During one stormy winter night it had been particularly cold. I had been occupied with homework and my parents were out on that night. Busy with homework, I had not paid much attention to anything else, when suddenly I heard a very loud sound above me, coming from the attic. Very startled, I thought it was possibly a sibling going through some boxes, but this sound grew louder and louder. I decided to investigate this sound and walked toward the attic with a tense feeling. As I walked toward the door, I had gotten a cold feeling which almost paralyzed me with fear. At the moment that I opened the door this fear only increased. I immediately noticed a shadowy figure in the darkness in the attic which had red eyes, and she was wearing an old fashioned nightgown, this ghost then ran with a terrifying scream to the window which seemed open while she had a rope tied around her neck. I had been trembling with horror as I heard the sound of the woman throwing herself out the window, and I could hear the sound of the rope as it was pulled tight. At that moment there was complete silence, and I did not dare walk toward the window. At the time my parents had just arrived home and as I walked downstairs they had asked me what the commotion was upstairs. I could not tell them what I had just witnessed and I did not utter more than a word for the rest of the night. That night and for many nights afterwards I thought about the stories of the suicide at my house and I felt a horrible feeling of anxiety, I had lost a lot sleep as well due to having nightmares every night. I did not ever tell anyone about this other than my sister, who admitted to seeing a ghost in our house as well, which caused her to believe every word of my story. I now believe in ghosts, although I have not had any other occurrences, but I always remember that night and it brings me a terrible feeling to this day when I think about it.

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10:11 PM  

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