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Friday, September 15, 2006

Ghost Investigator

It has been a very hectic past few months, with more writing deadlines than I care to remember, but the new ghost book is now available. In fact, I have two new ghost books--Ghost Investigator Volume 6: Dark Shadows, and Ghosts of Rockland County: The Collected Stories Edition.
Volume 6: Dark Shadows has my latest New York cases, from the Rollings Hills Asylum in Bethany, to McGarrah's Inn in Monroe, and the historic Gomez Mill House in Marlboro. There are also cases involving private homes, one of which just might have produced the most amazing ghost photo I've ever taken. It still gives me chills every time I look at the dark shadowy figure (hence the book's subtitle) I captured in an infrared photo. This is no fuzzy, misty shape--this is a solid, well-defined figure. Of course, I could just post the picture on my website, but then you might not bother buy the book! (Yes, blatant commercialism has even crept into ghost hunting, but hey, I have to find some way to pay for all the gas to get to these haunted locations...)
When I decided to call this volume Dark Shadows, I was thinking just about this photograph, but the more I thought about it, I realized that I had encountered dark figures at two other sites this past year. That is a definite escalation in haunted activity for me, as actual physical manifestations are quite rare. Maybe I just got lucky with these cases, or maybe the spirit world is raising the bar. I can't wait to see what's in store for future ghost investigations!
In any event, Dark Shadows does contain some of my most in-depth descriptions of real ghost hunts, and if you're into this sort of thing I guarantee it won't disappoint you.
As for Ghosts of Rockland County: The Collected Stories Edition, this is a book that I can truly say was the result of "popular demand." My very first ghost book was the small, stapled-cover Ghosts of Rockland that was published ten years ago. I was very apprehensive about writing a local ghost book--I mean, who would really be interested? When the first printing sold out in two weeks I realized this was the start of a beautiful relationship--me and the restless dead. Okay, it's not really beautiful, but it has been a fascinating journey.
I quickly expanded my ghost hunting territory to the entire Hudson Valley, and called my next three books Haunted Hudson Valley Volume 1,2 and 3. Things continued to escalate, and I adopted the title of Ghost Investigator and began traveling farther and farther to haunted locations throughout the northeast. However, the local interest never waned, and people continued to ask me to write another Ghosts of Rockland County. So, in my spare time (in other words, when I skipped meals and gave up sleep), I collected all of the Rockland stories from the past ten years and put them together in this new book. If you have all my other books, you do have these stories, but if you don't, or you know of any ghost enthusiasts in the area, then this is what you've been looking for--back by popular demand!
It's hard to believe that summer is already gone, and I most likely will go kicking and screaming into winter once again. In the meantime, however, is this season called fall, which contains this holiday known as Halloween, which brings out thoughts of ghosts, which brings the Ghost Investigator out onto the lecture circuit once again. And the season starts early this year, with my first lecture on September 23 at the Berkshire Paranormal Conference hosted by the New England Ghost Project: . I spoke there last year and it's a great conference, so if you're in a spooky mood come on by.
Please check my schedule for other appearances and come by to hear of my latest haunted adventures, and see that great photo of the dark figure!


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