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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The hectic Christmas season is finally winding down, which means the ghost hunting season will be going into full swing. I've started contacting some of the people who have credible stories and will be arranging investigations as soon as next week.
One story involves bizarre activity in a house in Middletown, NY, where an older, skeptical couple will now have to question their lifelong skepticism in the face of such things as objects moving and walls turning black. (Several people have been consulted about the walls, such as a plumbing/heating man and a mold expert, and no rational explanation can be found.)
Another case in Monroe, NY is a fascinating example of how renovating a house can completely alter paranormal activity--but I won't tell you how right now, as that would spoil the story! (Hey, I can't give away all my best material in a blog!)
Suffice to say I will have plenty of juicy hauntings for Ghost Investigator Volume 6.
Tonight I will be conducting the investigation of an historic 18th century structure with a local girl scout troop--should be interesting! After I recover from that, I'l let you all know how it went...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Welcome to my first blog! For several years I have had requests for more current updates on my investigations and books, and I think this is the best forum for those updates. If you have found your way here, you probably know that I have been personally investigating haunted locations for almost ten years, and I write about those cases in my Ghost Investigator series of books. You can see some highlights, excerpts and photos at

I will shortly begin several new investigations, and also revisit some older cases that warrant further investigation. I will post updates and photos as I get them. While the rapidly approaching holiday season will be filled with family and friends, I'm not neglecting the dead--I have an investigation scheduled for the 29th at a 200-year-old former inn and Masonic metting house in southern NY state. I'm sure this night will prove to be very interesting, as I will be joined by about 30 Girlscouts who want to earn their paranormal merit badges! Life is truly stranger than least mine is!

I am always looking for credible haunted locations to investigate, so please contact me with your stories and suggestions, and I'm very much looking forward to sharing all manner of ghostly info with all of you in the future.

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