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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My New Favorite Haunt!

Just returned from a week in sunny Florida to cold and rainy New York. I had a great time, particularly in St. Augustine which is one of the most remarkable places I've ever visited. I give it 5 stars for history, and 5 ghosts for hauntings!

I stayed at the fabulous St. Francis Inn with their ghost, Lily, and have to say their wonderful hospitality, food, location, and parking make them THE place to stay in town.

And after almost 15 years of ghost hunting, I have a new favorite haunt: Ripley's Musuem, which has everything going for it in terms of paranormal enery. The castle-like structure was built on an old Spanish/British battlefield and burial ground, there were two murders in the building when it was a hotel, and the museum is now filled with instruments of torture and objects of death--does it get any better than that? And, they host THE BEST ghost train tour which gives you the use of a K2 meter and camera, and takes you through the old city, and then INSIDE the darkened museum for a real ghost hunt experience!

During the tour I got a bizarre photo I can't explain. I took 3 photos of the statue of St. Francis which is in a park across from the inn. Over the years people have had many strange things appear in their photos of this statue. I took 3 flash shots from the same spot. The first 2 came out fine, but the last one has a dark shadow in the center that appears to be blocking/absorbing the light. You can see the flash went off because it's illuminating the ground to the left and right, but not in front of me!

I highly recommend a trip to St. Augustine for the history, ghosts, food and weather. Can't wait to get back!!!


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