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Saturday, June 28, 2008


For years people have been asking for Ghost Investigator shirts and hats, and I've finally found a company that was able to do a great job embroidering my logo. I will soon have embroidered hats and printed shirts (both long and short sleeve) for sale on my website. Stay tuned...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Suicide House

In Ghost Investigator Volume 7 I wrote about a house where a man committed suicide, and I had some very unpleasant experiences (to put it mildly). One of this man's favorite spots to sit, when he was alive, was on a kitchen counter during family dinners on Sundays. I had set up a Tri-field meter on the counter on that spot, and aimed an infrared camcorder at it, and then left the room. When reviewing the tape later, I could hear the Tri-field going off, then a black spot raced across the field of view, from left to right just on the top edge of the bright area of light. The homeowners assured us that there were no bats or very large flying insects in the house and no windows were open, so what could it have been? (Winged insects and moths always show up a very bright white in infrared. This is the first time a moving spot has appeared so black.) Activity has picked up in this house recently--in the form of yet another different apparition--so stay tuned for a possible return investigation.