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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Psychic Impressions

Well, it was quite a day. Early this morning in this incessant bitter cold I headed out to pick up psychic Lisa Ann. I have worked with her before on a couple of cases, and was so impressed I wanted to see what she would find at "Grandma's House" in Port Jervis, NY. This is a case I have written about for several years, and investigated many times with my ghost hunting partner Mike. As activity had been picking up of late, it seemed to be a good time for a fresh perspective.

Lisa Ann once again hit on all the major paranormal themes of this house--the emotions, the cast of spiritual characters. Also, as a previous psychic had felt, she sensed that there exists what is known as a spiritual vortex that acts like a portal between worlds, through which many entities come and go. Great stuff for a ghost investigator, not so good for the living who have to put up with all the activity!

The next stop was Mike's house in Port Jervis. Lisa Ann did not sense anything negative, but did get several distinct impressions of former occupants--more residual feelings than active spitual energy, though. She provided some very interesting info, which hopefully can someday be confirmed through research on the early owners of the old house.

Although not wanting to impose upon her time much longer, I did want to drive by the house we had investigated last year, where I had a very close and unpleasant encounter with a suicide victim, and a dark, shadowy figure. The owners were not at home, so Mike just pulled over on the side of the road in front of the house. Nothing like a drive-by psychic reading...

Almost immediately, Lisa Ann described a negative male entity that appears on the front porch, which is exactly what people have seen.

Then she blew our minds by describing another male spirit, wondering out loud if he had committed suicide. Fortunately, I was sitting behind her so she couldn't see my amazed expression. However, a moment later when she said, "I think he shot himself," I couldn't contain myself any longer. She nailed it, once again.

You know, good pyschics are about as hard to find as honest politicians. I am always reluctant to endorse anyone in these matters as my reputation is on the line, as well. However, I am pleased to be able to recommend Lisa Ann without hesitation for personal readings or other matters of a psychic or healing nature. You can check out her website and email her at

I am also pleased to announce that Mike, Lisa Ann, and I are considering holding a ghost/paranormal conference somewhere in the Hudson Valley this fall. I will certainly post info as it becomes available, so if you are interested please check back in a couple of months. And check back sooner than that for other updates. I have quite a few investigations to schedule in the coming months, and I'll continue to post some tantalizing tidbits of evidence...


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